Nissan Skyline GTR

A History of Models Leading up to the GTR


"Japan, a Country known for a rich history, honor and culture, after all it is the land of the Samurai. Besides that, in the car world Japan is known for some Gods of the machine world. One in particular in the Skyline GTR." -John Bridge jdm-culture
C10 image

Quick Facts

  1. available in sedan or coupe
  2. featured straight six engine
  3. max 160 hp


1969 was the first time the GTR name was used by Nissan. It was applied to the regular C10 sedan that was then given a 2.0 liter I6 engine and was stripped down to make it lighter. It was track oriented and had over 30 victories by 1971. Fans called it the Hakosuka which basically translates to Skyline Box. This design is recognizable by its square tailights. This first model is very popular in modern culture They were made for three years and production ended in 1972.